Great Stuff! added 3 new and interesting videos this past week.

This one is a presentation by Dr PZ Myers on the topic of Evolution.

The following videos are presentations by Dr Andy Thomson. The first relates to morality and the latter on the topic of terrorism. Both of which revolves around religion.

Richard Dawkins on his latest book

Here's a nice short video of an interview with Richard Dawkins on his latest book, The Greatest Show on Earth.

I just did a search and found out that the book is now sold in Singapore. I am SO going to Konikuniya later to get it!

Slow but not dead

Self evidently, I have not been updating my blog lately. And I really do hope that the situation would improve. At least, slightly.

The thing is, serving National Service drains a lot away. I would either have no energy to think, no time to think or simply have nothing to think.

Following the entry, I would make it a duty to post at least once a week (since I'm only around on weekends). I may not have much to offer relative to what I have done in the past. The least I would do would be plugging Youtube videos that I found to be interesting.