The Non Prophets are back

Here's a little "shout out" for the Non Prophets Radio podcast. The Non Prophets are back after a REALLY long hiatus.

Matt Dillahunty has uploaded 3 new podcast. One with the last of the guerrilla podcast (9.8), one being a compilation of interviews Matt did during the Texas Freethought Convention (9.TFC) and the latest one being a usual NPR podcast (9.10).

So here is the link to the Non Prophets Radio archive page.

Back with Videos

It's been 3 weeks and during that time, lots of videos has been churned out on Youtube. Here's three that I particularly liked.

Most recently, richarddawkinsdotnet has (finally) posted new videos. Here's a conversation between Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Interesting stuff.

QualiaSoup also uploaded another video. This time he addresses atheism directly. Beautifully made video as usual.

I thoroughly enjoyed this video by AronRa. Continuing his "Falsifying Phylogeny" series, this video is about the dog family.