A more personal response

This speaks not just my mind but my "heart" as well. Brilliant.


A beautiful, brilliant video titled "Afterlife" by TheThinkingAtheist with contributions by Matt Dillahunty of AETV, AronRa, Darkmatter2525, DPRJones, Evid3nc3, Healthyaddict, Lacigreen, Thunderf00t and ZOMGitscriss.

Fath is not a virtue

AronRa uploaded his speech at a university on the topic of faith followed by a 30-minute Q&A session.

Watching the first half of the Q&A segment, I felt that AronRa could have said more to address the bulk of the 2 girls' comments. They repeatedly asked why was it necessary for atheists to mock Christians and their beliefs. AronRa only briefly answered that issue by only stating he was attacking the belief system and not the person who is subscribed to the system.

That's true. But to further make the point, an appropriate retort would be to ask why not? Why shouldn't ridiculous, baseless, outdated, sometimes even vile nonsensical beliefs be mocked, religious or not? Moreover, those beliefs affect the world in negative ways -- serving as yet more incentive to be disabuse people of such beliefs.

One last thing -- one of the girl said that the Bible didn't support slavery. Hi-fucking-larious. I wonder what sort of apologymnastics one must execute to get that interpretation.

Lawrence Krauss (Imagine No Religion 2)

If you haven't seen the "Something from Nothing" lecture by Lawrence Krauss, here's one from the Imagine No Religion 2 conference. And it's done somewhat differently from the usual version he gave previously.

We stopped dreaming

These videos are made with audio quotes from Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the NASA budget cuts. I'm obviously not American but the core message applies everywhere -- it's worth a listen.

Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett

Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett in conversation, 9 May 2012.