Here's a compilation of the my more lengthy entries that discusses specific topics. This page is linked on the shortcuts at the top of my blog and will be updated when I have more essays to add.

About Me
Stuff pertaining to me or my blog

My Route to Atheism
The story of my not-particularly-interesting route (since I was never really religious) to finding my atheism.

Youtube Channel - Atheozoa
This page lists the various playlists I've managed to compile on Youtube relating to matters of religion, atheism, science, evolution and etc.

Philosophical Positions
Here we have articles that discusses philosophical positions. This will include discussions of skepticism and the importance of empirical evidence.

Atheism and Agnosticism
The distinction between Atheism/Theism and Agnosticism/Gnosticism. Plus a brief clarification of some common misconceptions of what Atheism/Atheist is.

On Existence
My thoughts on Existence, Manifestation and Evidence. This is representative of my stance on what it means to me to say that "X exist" - This is also related to my atheism.

The Default Position
Why is the default position is disbelief until belief is warranted?

Logic Alone
A short article on the reason why logical arguments are not definitive proof of god(s)

Justification and Evidentialism
Providing a general idea why evidence is critical in justification of beliefs and knowledge

Morality and Gods
These articles discusses the problems with religious claims about morality.

Human Morality
The objections to the Argument from Morality.

Yahweh, the morally inferior god
This article takes a look specifically at Yahweh and why is cannot be the moral authority that he is said to be.

Denouncing Christianity
A discussion of why Christianity is morally reprehensible.

Morality: Objective, Subjective
Clarifying the confusion of terms in atheist/theist debates about morality.

Slavery in the Bible
A compilation of Bible verses for divine instruction for slavery.

Conflicts with Science
Here are a few articles pertaining to Science and its conflict with religious claims.

Abiogenesis, Life and Gods
Here's a short essay of the issue between abiogenesis and creationism.

Science and the Incredulous
Another short article about the problem science has with the general public and the religious.

Evolution and its denial
Putting forth some of the evidence for evolution, its predictions & applications and its denial by some of the theistic factions.

Evidence Vs Creationism
Here's 4 groups of evidence that doesn't quite mesh with Creationism: Atavism, Pseudogenes, ERVs and the Geological Record.

Secularism and Humanism
This category lists some articles that discusses secularism or Secular Humanism.

Secularism, what is that really?
A simple clarification of what secularism is.

Good is Secular Humanist
Rebutting the idea that Secular Humanism is a religion in denial of "ancestral" god.

Archaeology and Religion
This category lists some articles that discusses what historical archaeology has to tell about religion.

Scripture as poor evidence
Discusses some reasons for not accepting scripture as evidence (particularly the bible).

Ugarit and the Abrahamic Faiths
A look at the origins of Yahweh, the god behind the abrahamic faiths, and how that cast doubts on them.

El, Elohim and Yahweh
Another look at the origins of Yahweh - How Yahweh evolved from El of the Canaanite religion.

Here are those articles that deal with arguments about god that do not seem to fall under the other categories.

Universe Vs God
Pointing out the special pleading in the First Cause Argument.

Something from Nothing?
This deals with the tired old canard that atheists believe "something came from nothing".

Fine Tuned Universe
A discussion of some of the objections to the fine-tuning argument and anthropic principle.

Last updated: 19 October 2011