What am I?

What am I?

No I didn't suffer from memory loss. Just thinking of some of the labels applicable to me.

I am an Atheist.
I don't believe in gods, goddesses or whatever typical deities most religious folks pay deference to. There is simply no good reason to - No evidence..

I am a Naturalist.
I believe that the natural world is all there is. Tentatively, I have no reason to believe otherwise. I hold the position that all supernatural claims are either false or yet to be properly understood.

I am a Materialist.
I believe that the material world (that we perceive) is all that which we can claim to exist. Simply put, perceived manifestation is the only reliable criteria that we can use to differentiate that which exist and that which does not.

I am a Secular Humanist.
I agree with the position described by the secular humanist manifesto. As the species which literally transformed and controls the Earth, we are in a position of great responsibility. We have the responsibility to safeguard the natural world for our survival if not for greater ideals. We should have the decency to put the knowledge we acquired via the Scientific Method to bring about a better world for all.

I am a Scientific Meliorist.
I believe that we can bring about progress in the world through progress in Science. Better science would no doubt improve conditions. The last few decades is testament to this effect.