Not Just-So

Many people have the idea that Science is another just-so story or that it is another version of the truth.

Perhaps. But Science is the only "story" that is demonstrably true. And what is truth if it is not demonstrably differentiable from falsehoods.

There's a word for the "story" that Science tells - it's called Reality.

Unlike the alleged divine truths that religions claims or the doctrines that they would claim to be the absolute truth or any truth claim for the matter that any cult or pseudoscientist make, Science has more to offer. Science offers actual results.

Yes, I am referring to the practical applications of the body knowledge acquired by the Scientific Method. Aside from having evidence (acquired through observation and experimentation) to backup its claims, everytime technology works, that in itself is evidence that the scientists know what they are talking about.

Everytime an airplane takes to the skies, we demonstrate our knowledge in physics (more specifically aerodynamics, material science, etc). Everytime someone is cured of their diease, we demonstrate our grasp of the medical sciences (such as virology, immunology). The same applies to any one of the established sciences.

For goodness sake, we went to the Moon.

Now take all that into consideration. Take note of everything Science has equipped humanity with - all the technology - so much of which we now take for granted. Then contrast it with the sentiment that Science is "just another story."

It bewilders me that anyone could even come close to thinking like that.


km.coaching said...

well said. but somehow, religions people tend to dismiss the achievements of science, its truthfulness and usefulness.. and in the end still credit their god.

But still, you put forward a good persuasion. kudos. This is also what i believe, that science is so useful to humans but it is so un appreciate by many people. Its their loss if they still dun understand this thing

S.A. said...

I don't think anyone really thinks like that --- they just pretend to.

And there are still people who do not believe that humans have gone to the moon. Believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

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