Youtube Atheism

I have been neglecting my blog lately (close to two freaking months actually). I am just too lazy to pen down what I thought of lately. I'm sure that will change when my conscription ends.

So, nope, no new mini essays from me. Instead I will post some of the videos that I enjoyed.

Here's a little something on Evolution, specifically Systematic Phylogenetics, by AronRa. Unfortunately, embedding is disabled for the video - so here's the direct link.

Then we have this video. I found it particularly refreshing (perhaps a tiny bit disturbing for the rioting scenes) - a reminder that we are definitely still animals whatever else we may wish we are.

Here's a satire by DarkMatter2525, "If Atheists Acted Religious". Actually, to be specific, it's more like "If Atheists Acted Like Religious Bigoted Americans"

TheThinkingAtheist has been churning out a couple of nice videos for our entertainment. My favorite is this one.

And this one is about Christianity.