Arrest the Pope

Is there nothing that we can prosecute the pope for? I would think that the two atrocities that the Roman Catholic Church has committed should at the least warrant some international legal action.

First off, the Church's cover up of the pedophile priests is just plain criminal. And we're not talking about one or two isolated cases, we're talking about scores of child rape and molest allegations across the world. Evidence suggest that the pope cannot possibly have been ignorant of the rampant child rapes occurring in the parishes.

Instead of handing the priests to the authorities so that justice may actually be served, the Church has decided to cover up the scandal. And when that failed, they're issuing monetary compensation left and right while moving the offending priests to other parishes (where they likely would offend again).

That alone, I would think, warrant some real justice to be served. But hell no, the pope is still in his golden throne preaching around the ills of materialism and immorality of "secular" people from his multi-billion dollar palace.

The second atrocity, in my opinion, should be considered a crime against humanity. The pope, that infallible pope, has, in his infinite wisdom, freaking LIED to the African people. He essentially told them that condoms do not protect people against HIV but increases their chances of contracting the virus.

WHAT A PREPOSTEROUS LIE. That lying prick deserves prison. The death penalty even, if it applies. How is that any different from committing genocide against the African people himself? And he doesn't even need to stray from his own fucking religion to know lying is wrong.


Here's a video of Richard Dawkins at the recent "Protest the Pope" march where he gives the Pope a much deserved tongue lashing (and that's already too nice, I think):