Question Evolution: Answers

Via TheLivingDinosaur, it came to my attention of Creation Ministries International's campaign, Question Evolution. As a response, 15+1 Youtubers came together to produce videos to answer the ludicrous questions in the campaign's pamphlet.

Here are the 4 videos collated:

Links to the creationist's site and pamphlet can be found on the Youtube page of the first part of the video. Links to the individual contributors can be found on the Youtube page of the video part they appear in.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done...although I'm sure they won't listen. I'm not sure of your backgrounds in this matter but you have a wonderful job piecing together well thought out and credible answers to these, often misleading and purposefully erroneous, questions.

I have left comments on the Creation Ministries website why they insist on asking "evolutionists" these questions without actually directing them towards actual evolutionists who have spent their careers in researching this subject. I know the answer of course....they simply want to make it seem as if evolution is nothing but a "belief system" (much like their own) that has no real scientific grounding. The best way to do this is to ask laymen and provide these questions in a pamphlet so that others can attempt to embarrass their high school science teachers who are also unable to see through the garbage which are these 15 questions to offer a knowledgeable answer.


Atheozoa said...

Thanks but I think you've directed your compliments to the wrong person. I didn't create these videos.

Your comments would be much appreciated by the uploader of these videos at

I'm just doing a little part in spreading the info. =)