Life on Earth

Just an hour ago, I was watching "The Private Life of Plants" by David Attenborough on OKTO. It was awesome. Like the previous episodes that I managed to watch, they struck me with awe of the beauty of life. It's simply amazing. The diversity. The complexity. All shaped by natural selection (among other selection pressures), evolved to what they are today and still evolving.

There isn't any full episodes on Youtube of course. But here are some snippets that BBC uploaded:
Carnivorous plants (3:29)
Pitcher plants (4:14)
Fungi growth (1:34)
Giant water lillies in the Amazon (4:27)

The funny thing is, this is probably the same awe that struck the believers and, in some way, prove that god exist.

But that would be in the absence of a proper knowledge of evolution. The notion that god created life as we know it is absurd. Absurd beyond description.

To some believers, the fact that evolution is a fact is disgusting to them. And hence their denial. Somehow, sharing a common ancestry with every other living thing on earth is damaging to their human dignity.

I hold the complete opposite view. I find creationism absolutely demeaning to the beauty of life. To think that god created all living things on earth, in the light of the tonnes and tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of evidence for evolution, is disgusting.

All this complexity, diversity and beauty created ex nihilo? Poofed into existence by god? Magic? Hell, it is tragic to even suggest that when it has been shown that evolution happened.