Eve of Lunar New Year

Just had my reunion dinner at home with my family, my grandmother and my third uncle's family. We had one of those steamboats with a barbecue area around it. Yum.

It will be the first of the Lunar New Year tomorrow. As with any other new year, it is plagued with chinese horoscopic bullshit and crap about fengshui.

My mum buys into it. My dad too. I can't quite talk to her about it. It's a belief too deeply ingrained within my parents. I won't object unless they do something drastic. But it would be nice if they actually listened to what I have to say.

Less than a month after I have made my new year's resolution, I have begun to doubt if I will be able to follow it through.

"Just talk about it." It sure sounds easy enough but practically, it is difficult. I still avoid reliqious topics when there's a christian friend around. Somehow I can't bring myself to speaking about the topic when I'm around them no matter I much I really want to. Sometimes, it feels suffocating. It's just hard to say it out.

For practical reasons, it would be wise not to talk about it. These "conversations" tend to be emotionally charged, at least, to some extent. It would stupid to spoil future cooperations over such things. Likewise, it would spoil any friendship.

Craps. Am I too nice? Or is this the rational way of looking at such?

It feels like the odds are always against the unbelievers. At the very least, believers have the majority.

Kinda reminds me of a quote I read at the RD.net forum:

Atheism is weak because theists don't have to believe what atheists say but atheists must believe what theists say because theists believe it.

Meanwhile, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone.