The Atheist Experience: Clips on Youtube

The Atheist Experience videos are about 90 minutes long and that is way too long for some people to sit through. So some fans uploaded shorter clips of their favorite parts of certain episodes on Youtube. And here is a few that I picked out.

Does Logic And Reason apply to God?
What ever does it mean that you can't use reason and logic in issues regarding god(s)? Why is it applicable only if it comes to the biased conclusion? Why the particular exception anyways? This short clip touches on the topic.

Episode 531 | Topic: Viewer Mail | By Matt and Tracie

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Warning: Faith Can Cause Mental Illness!
Religious inconsistencies: Strong faith or mental illness?

Episode 535 | Topic: News | By Matt and Ashley
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Saudi woman sentenced to death for making a man impotent
Attacking religions: Is religion truly a force for good or is progress just a by-product of its ulterior motives. Stupid beliefs deserve criticism; No special protection accorded.

Episode 540 | Topic: Agnosticism & Prejudice | By Matt and Tracie

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Atheists don't believe in Anything!
Believe in nothing? Meaningless therefore suicide?
Bullshit! The promise of an afterlife diminishes the value of this one. As an atheist, I value this life much more and I hold my own beliefs apart from my disbelief in god. Not believing in god does not mean atheists believe in nothing; that's an extremely skewed perception of us.

Episode 556 | Topic: Batman & Atheism | By Matt and Tracie

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God's Moral Lesson in the Story of Abraham
Instead of focusing on Abraham's obedience, why not think about God's character? Ever wonder why Abraham never questioned why God wanted a sacrifice? Is asking for human sacrifices within God's character? How is that moral at all?

Episode 557 | Topic: John Hagee | By Matt and Don

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'I am more moral than God!'
God condones slavery. That is immoral. Period.
We are more moral than Yahweh.

Episode 568 | Topic: Moral Judgement | By Matt and Jen

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Logical Fallacy: God did it!
Argument from Personal Incredulity. Therefore, God did it.

Episode 573 | Topic: Moral Judgement | By Jen and Matt
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Matt Dillahunty DESTROYS a Theist
Matt's Terrific, Merciless Rant on God's moral standards

God moral? Have you read the damn bible?
An omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent god that: condones/requests for human sacrifice, endorses slavery, commits mass murders, requires death penalties for petty crimes and punishes his creations infinitely for finite crimes. That's moral?

Episode 574 | Topic: Still More Scamlets | By Matt and Don

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13 Year Old Rape Victim Stoned To Death
13 year old. Girl. Married. Raped. Stoned for adultery. In stadium with a thousand watching. What's more to say?

Episode 577 | Topic: Still More Scamlets | By Jen and Martin
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God is the Ultimate Judge! - Another Great Rant
Moral judgement is within yourself. Don't sacrifice your humanity to this insane religion that claims to know the absolute truth and morals. Note: Watch this for your own character growth.

Episode 579 | Topic: Live Callers | By Matt and Tracie

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Distinct Evidence for God's Existence?
Evidence for anything must be unique in order to be recognized as evidence. An "evidence" that can be used for any god is not an evidence for any specific god. In some cases, theists go so far as to assert without evidence at all. Pathetic.

Episode 583 | Topic: Live Callers | By Matt and Tracie

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