Atheozoa. I made this name up using the Greek words “atheos” meaning “godless and “zoia” meaning “animals”. So Atheozoa means “godless animals”. I made this word up because I wanted a word to represent what myself… erm… ah, forget the crap talk. I made the word because I wanted something that made at least some sense and has the alphabet “z” or “x” in it. Why? Cause’ I’m a sucker for that.

As you should have guessed by now, I am an atheist. I am also a male Chinese Singaporean. And I have great interest in Science. Though I have never quite subscribed to the whole idea of god(s), I didn’t identify myself as an atheist until early this year. I only became active with regards to this topic when I saw Youtube videos about god, religion, atheism and then… Richard Dawkins. He pwns. Heck, now I regard Richard Dawkins as my idol.

Anyways, I created this blog so that I can voice some of my opinions. Not so much for the whole damn world to see it but just to get things off my chest. While I am somewhat outspoken about my irreligiosity, my friends aren’t. So talking to them about such topics don’t interest them as much as it interest me. But hey, I didn’t make friends just so that they can hear me rant about stuff. So, here I am. I’ll rant here.

Keeping in mind that I’m in Singapore, I probably shouldn’t be too vocal about atheism and anti-theism. However, I shan't be giving religion any "special" respect. It never deserved it anyways.

Basically, I will talk about anything I feel like talking about here. Be it amusing or stupid, interesting or ridiculous, foreign or domestic politics, religious or not, it can and will be found here. And not forgetting, Science and stuff.