A proselytizer

Today, in school, a Christian evangelist (actually, the correct term to use is proselytizer) approached one of my friends while I was sitting nearby. He broached the subject beginning with Christmas then slowly onto Jesus. The conversation didn't last for long though.

My friend kind of said "I believe that all gods exist but I don't worship or pray to them." Then the conversation started trailing to its end.

All the while, I sat there listening and wanting to burst out. I had the urge to interrupt and start a mini discussion. But I didn't. But I wished I did...

Millitant atheism?
No. Not exactly. I don't really give that much of a damn to "deconvert" religious "faith-heads".

Actually, I want to just hear what they think when I start introducing the evidence and arguments against the existence of god. I really am curious. I was never religious so I don't know what goes on in their minds. So I wonder. So I think.

Have they seen the arguments?
Do they really take the bible literally? Virgin giving birth? Noah's ark?
Have they read ALL of the bible?
Do they have special goggles that prevent them from seeing the absurd stuff?

In fact, I hold the opinion that most Christians (the sheep, not the shepherd) have not seen the true picture of arguments from the other side. Merely just following what they are told and limited the false information fed to them by their leaders.

The Eyes of Reason are blinded by Faith in issues relating to Faith.