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Drats, I got addicted to yet another game.
And hence, no activity here for the past "few" days.

I still do check out the forums and guess what I found?
More religious crap showing its ugly head in the news.

So we've got...

11 December 2008
Teacher sacked over Santa gaffe

Apparently, a substitute teacher tells the class of 7 year olds that Santa Claus does not exist and the presents are bought by parents. And then, she got sacked for it.

Well, probably because she done it way too bluntly.
But hey, we all know Santa is just like gods. They don't exist. In fact, what's the difference anyway?

Also on 11 December 2008
Parish priest arrested over child sex abuse

Another priest who can't keep his hands/penis away from little boys. Nothing new. At least they're taking some action as opposed to covering it up.

I first learnt about this news on Unreasonable Faith. The comment by ddr is pretty insightful.

15 December 2008
Pope Benedict XVI under-fire for 'negative' statements

His "Holiness" is condemning artificial fertilization, human cloning, "designer babies" and embryonic stem-cell research. Screw him.

The reasons for doing so go along the lines of "God says no. I don't know science."

19 December 2008
US balks at backing condemnation of anti-gay laws

The United States refused to sign a declaration at the
United Nations calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality. Ah, wonderful, the "champion" of human rights wants to continue denying human rights to homosexuals.

What's not new is that the Vatican is also opposed to decriminalization of homosexuals. In fact, they were much faster at it. As usual, no reasonable reason was given. Only stupid answers.

So, I guess Singapore isn't too backwards for keeping Section 377A of the Penal Code.

Also on 19 December 2008
Mum who denied son medical treatment freed

The poor boy died.
The dominating religious husband died.
The mother is freed after realizing her folly.

The ending to this story is not the most important here.

They denied their sick son medical treatment, instead trusting in the healing power of God to cure him. "By the time he died he was blind, intellectually disabled and slithered like a snake because he could not walk."

Oh. My. Flying Spaghetti Monster. Those damned parents!

Something else caught my eye in the news. She has ten children. Now nine. I would say that this was the result of the "anti-abortionist" stance adopted by the religious family.

That's one fucked up family. I'm not sure if it is truly fortunate that the religious father died. Maybe the remaining children may be better off without him and hopefully without Him as well.

22 December
Saudi court tells girl aged EIGHT she cannot divorce husband who is 50 years her senior

8 year old girl. Married to a 58 year old man.
That's like being married to your grandfather.

I don't even want to use the word "married". It's more like "sold". The girl's father sold her off for a dowry of

The irony. She's old enough to get married but too young to get a divorce.

What a wonderful world we live in.


ViciousCycle said...

superstitious people =/= religious people

Nox said...

Yes, different types but same class. Both indulge in belief without evidence.