God: Sophisticated or not?

Ah... the Judgement Day Short story. A nice read I must say.

In the story, god was made much more sophisticated than what the believers seem to usually espouse. God was "judging" on the basis whether believers are believing for the "right" reasons. What are the right reasons? Only god knows.

For the believers, it seems almost as if god is extremely concerned whether people believe in him. God seems to be less sophisticated than the one seen in the short story.

God, it seems, is more concerned with mundane issues and is very vain. "Yer want to go to heaven? Just believe in me. If yer don't, yer can go to hell.

Create shitty creations and send them to hell for being shitty. Surefire way to roast most of humanity. That sure seems like a good idea, eh?

Any argument, even the "free will" argument, doesn't work. God is morally bankrupt. 

Take this analogy: An engineer designs a building. After 3 years, the building collapses due a structural failure resulting in the death of 200+ people. It was investigated and found that it was due to error on the engineer's part.

God, on the other hand, is an engineer who KNEW the building will collapse and what is the error he is going to commit but commits the error anyways.

Hardly "moral" material.