As a tribute to Darwin Day, today's entry shall be all about evolution.

Well, I shan't be the one doing all the talking (well, writing actually). I will leave the talking to several Youtube videos that addresses the subject of the day: Evolution.

If you want to read articles instead, TalkOrgins have quite a number of articles pertaining to the topic. Otherwise, check out the following videos!

How Evolution REALLY Works
Part 1: Natural Selection
Part 2: Selection and Mutations

Here's a two part series by cdk007. The first part is basically about the mechanism by evolution occurs: Natural selection. The second is about how natural selection weeds out deleterious (AKA bad) mutations and spreads the good ones around.

The Origins
The Origins of Life - Abiogenesis
The Origin of the Genetic Code
The Origin of Sexual Reproduction

This is supposed to be a 5 part series by cdk007. However, only 3 has been completed so far. So let's enjoy those first. I believe the titles of each part is self-explanatory.

Evolution is REAL Science
Part 1: Human Ancestry
Part 2: Common Ancestry
Part 3: Endogenous Retroviruses

This incomplete series by standup4REALscience explains facts in evolution along with the timeline of discoveries. Not bad, clear explanation with helpful diagrams & images.

Evidence for Evolution
Part 1: Preservation of codons in closely related species
Part 2: Phylogeny and predictions
Part 3: Endogenous Retroviruses

This is another 3 part series by cdk007. This series touches on some of the evidence for evolution

Increasing Information in the Genome
How Evolution cause an Increase in Information, Part I
How Evolution cause an Increase in Information, Part II

Mutations only destroys information? Don't understand mutations at all? This 2 part series by cdk007 explains

Other miscellaneous video by cdk007
The Evolution of Sex
The Evolution of Irreducible Complexity
The Evolution of Flagellum

Here's some videos dealing with evolution
by cdk007. Check them out.

Foundational Falsehood of Creationism
Part 1: Evolution Atheism, Creationism Christianity
Part 2: Worshipping man-made holy books

Part 3: Knowledge, Truth and Interpretations
Part 4: Believing ≠ Knowing
Part 5: "Evolutionism?" - Evolution is not a religion
Part 6: Misunderstanding Evolution
Part 7: Evolution is NOT random
Part 8: Mislead about Mutations
Part 9: Transition forms? There's plenty
Part 10: Common Ancestry explained
Part 11: Speciation: We've seen it
Part 12: "Creation Science" is not science
Part 13: Fabricating the lies that Evolution is fabricated
Part 14A: Lying for God and creationism
Part 14B: Lying for God and creationism

This series by AronRa is super interesting and informative. Though it deals mainly with the "controversy" with creationism but stringed along the series are lots of information on evolution. Watch it!