They can... because they are not...

Today, during class, there was a mini hooha over a phrase. It went something like that...

Student (Christian): I am who I am.

Teacher (Also christian): No, you can't say that, you know?

*Brief pause*

Teacher: God said that. You're a christian so you cannot say that. The others can say that but you can't.

Me: *Rolls eyes*

First things first, that probably isn't exactly how it was said but it should be sufficiently accurate so as not to lose its original meaning.

Some might be thinking: So? What's the big deal?

You know what? There actually is.

The phrase "I am who I am" implies that the person who said that is the "uncreated creator" which is basically Yahweh (since it's Christianity we're talking about). Hence, the little hooha.

Okay, fine. Christians are not supposed to say that since that would be "disrespectful" to their god. But whatever does it mean that the others can say it?

Taken to worst of conclusions, it could very well mean: "They can disrespect god since they are going to hell anyway." Of course, I seriously doubted the teacher meant it that way so let's see the alternative reasons.

I'm thinking of religious pluralism or relativism. Vaguely, it means that all religions are equally valid. For some people, it may simply mean that my god (of my religion) takes care of me and your god (of your religion) take cares of you. People with polytheistic tendencies (perhaps, the chinese) would be more emphathetic to such an idea.

But unfortunately, religions typically claim that each is the one true path and thus make pluralism/relativism look like bullshit.

What other reasons might there be?