Fallacious Reasoning

According to my brother, a teacher in his school spouted a logical fallacy in school with reference to the theory of evolution. She was trying to explain the usage of the word "relic" and somehow she touched on evolution. The following is paraphrased from my brother's memory.

Can you believe that scientists believe that we evolved from apes? That's so low life. We are superior beings.

Er. What?

You don't want to believe in evolution because it's low life and therefore it is not true?

Wow. Perhaps cancer patients could just believe cancer is not real since it's awful.

What is the logical pathway that goes from "I don't like it" to "therefore, it is false"? Just because some fact is unpleasant to you, it doesn't follow to the conclusion that it is false. That's fallacious. That's stupid reasoning. That's also ignorance in this case.

Facts are not falsified because you don't like them. Deal with it.

Secondly, what's with the notion that we're superior? Well, yes, of course it's nice to think that but the truth is, we aren't superior in many aspects.

We are superior in terms of intelligence. That I agree. But that isn't the only criteria by which comparisons can be made.

We certainly aren't the fastest. The cheetah would win paws down if we raced with it.

We certainly aren't the fastest in the water as well. Most marine lifeforms can darn well swim faster.

We definitely cannot fly without assistance.

We don't have the sharpest teeth.
We don't have the sharpest claws.
We don't have the longest lifespan.
We don't have the best eyesight.
We don't have the keenest sense of smell.
We don't have the widest hearing range.
We don't generate enough electricity to stun.

There's much more comparisons that can be made.

We aren't superior in most aspects but we are special indeed. We have the ability to think. For the first time, the natural processes in the universe brought about the evolution of a lifeform with an intelligence powerful enough to understand those very natural processes that brought about its existence. We are the universe's way of understanding itself.

I think that's beautiful.

So don't stop thinking.
Don't resort to fallacious reasoning.
Don't deny the theory that scientists worked so hard on in finding the multitudes of evidence that supports it.

Believe because the evidence supports it.
Evolution is a FACT.