Christianity - NonStampCollector Style

Here's NonStampCollector latest video - The Great Debate. And it's nice coincidence. The video is related to the Fine Tuning Argument and it points out to a leap of faith that is typically made by theists. This one is not related to the entry title though.

Another great video that I posted here previously is "What would Jesus NOT do?"

Here's a nice little poem - Ode to Yahweh

And here's some other videos worthy of attention.

Free will - God Style
Part 1 - A gift?
Part 2 - Responding to Christians
Part 3 - Finale

Yahweh's Perfect Justice
Part 1 - Sticks and Stoning
Part 2 - Rape

The Central Absurdity
Forgiveness, Grace and God's Death Sentence

God is the short form for...
The thing that made the things for which there is no known maker.

Modern Christianity
Jesus and the Interpreter