TSN: Brain, Mind and Consciousness

I was browsing through The Science Network after watching Beyond Belief 2008: Candles in the Dark when another series caught my eye. It was the 2005 Skeptic Society Annual Conference: Brain, Mind and Consciousness.

Beyond Belief 2008
was nice. There were some really interesting parts worth watching. Each part displayed on the page are around 21 minutes long so you don't have to watch a whole session at one go.

The 2005 Skeptic Society Annual Conference: Brain, Mind and Consciousness was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed all the presentations - all chucked full with juicy information. I'd recommend watching this for anyone interested in brain function and consciousness.

For Session 1, the presentations by Christof Koch and Alison Gopnik was particularly interesting. This session spans almost 3 hours so I'd suggest that you get some popcorn and be ready to sit through it - worth it though.

In Session 2, I'd enjoyed the first presentation by Richard McNally and the third one by Susan Blackmore. This one lasts for two and a half hours.

The presentations by Paul Zak and Ursula Goodenough was my favorites in Session 3. This session is just slightly longer than the second one.

The conference was fun to watch with lots of stuff to learn. I shan't bother to get into the details - just watch them!