I kid you not!

I was in discussion with christian who thinks that the bible "did not make a mistake on the issue" about the solar system being heliocentric/geocentric.

So, I replied with the following [Post #106]

But of course! The bible cannot be wrong - It's the big book of multiple choice.

You want geocentric universe? Supported by the bible.

You want heliocentric universe? Supported by the bible.

It's the reason behind why modern christians can say that the bible wasn't wrong but their predecessors are wrong.

[I quoted Wikipedia where it mentions that the Church was against Copernicus and Galileo because their theories were against the "Holy Scripture".]

The Power of the Holy Book of MCQ - It supports anything you want as long you search hard enough.

I kid you not - he replied with the following.

Hehe... and did you even wonder why Bible is infallible like what you said, it supports anything as long as you search hard enough. Can ordinary men even come up with such a book???

Lesson of the day:
Only god could have come up with such a contradictory book that can support any position due to its ambiguity.

Praise Yahweh! Praise Jesus!



Rene Benthien said...

LOL. You got to appreciate the sense of humour in that statement. It could even be classified as a little self-deprecating! Well done to whoever this guy was.

Nox said...

I did. I was giggling for awhile. XD

Now, he's trying to defend that post by claiming that it is Man who get interpretations wrong, ie; not the bible's fault.

To which I thought, thank your ambiguous holy text then.

Ralph said...

I've had worse and more laughable responses. lol