Special Pleading - The Universe vs God

The Cosmological argument; The First Cause argument.
It goes something like this.

1. Everything has a cause.
2. Nothing can cause itself.
3. A causal chain cannot be of infinite length.
4. Therefore, a First Cause (the Uncaused Cause) must exist.

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
2. The Universe began to exist.
3. Therefore, the Universe had a cause.
4. That cause, we call god.

That cause, we call foul - That's Special Pleading
The objection is this: If the premise is "everything must have a cause" and yet the conclusion is "There is something that does not have a cause," the argument just contradicted itself.

And why specifically that the universe must have a cause but yet god doesn't need one? Where's difference? Why the exemption from the rule? That's Special Pleading.

In addition, we actually have evidence of the Universe existing. In light of the evidence, our beliefs should only go that far - We've no evidence of god.

And even if we concede that point that god is indeed the first cause, his identity is still non-specific. Is he/she/they/it even one of the theistic gods?

The Iron Chariots Wiki - Uncaused Cause

Big Bang and the Big Misconception
One absolutely moronic claim made by some theists is: Atheists believe that everything came from nothing. False.

This retarded claim most likely stem from a misconception of what the Big Bang Theory states. And since most rational atheists accept scientific discoveries, the misconception is heaped onto us.

The Big Bang theory does not state that the nothing exploded and thus the universe is born. The theory states that, based on current evidence, tracing back in time, there was a time when everything was compressed into a tiny, dense singularity. This singularity expanded rapidly and gave rise to the current state of our universe.

Nowhere does it mention that there was nothing. Current evidence ends at the singularity. Whether this singularity was created or not is unknown, it is ludicrous to assert that one is case when there are more possibilities than those.

As part of my usual video whoring habit, I'd recommend this series by Potholer54 - From Big Bang to Us - Made Easy