Science and the Incredulous

The Argument from Personal Incredulity.
By the way, incredulity is defined by the dictionary as:

in⋅cre⋅du⋅li⋅ty [in-kri-doo-li-tee]
the quality or state of being incredulous; inability or unwillingness to believe.

The inability or unwillingness to believe is highlighted in the following typical responses.

"I don't believe I came from monkeys; I'd rather believe I came from Adam and Eve."

"If humans came from apes, why are there still apes around?"

"It's silly to believe that nothing exploded and then we came into existence."

If you've learnt about the Big Bang theory and the Theory of Evolution, you would have already noticed the misconceptions and errors in thinking exhibited by those statements.

Skewed Views of Science
Science is seriously misunderstood by the general public. In general, these are the types of errors in perceptions:
Science provides absolute truths.
Science always changes; we shouldn't trust it.
Science is just another belief system.

I'd highly recommend watching this video:

Rejection before Comprehension
This is the fate of the Theory of Evolution in the minds of religious sheeps. Even before being acquainted with the theory and its supporting evidence, it is rejected on the basis of religious dogma. That is tragic.

Having seen the responses by theists who reject evolution, one thing is very clear - They haven't got a clue what Evolution is (See my previous post - The Gems of Creationism). Often, they are fed caricatures of evolution by their own churches. Lies to propagate more lies.

If you find that you are rejecting scientific theories even before you understood them, something is seriously wrong. No established theories is without evidence.

Have you ever asked yourself - "Why am I rejecting this when the scientific community accept it as true?" A scientist isn't some bugger down the street who pulls theories out of their asses. They are trained professionals who studied the field in which they are in for years. They have seen the evidence. They have learnt the theories and the rationale behind them.

How are you rationally justified in rejecting their theories without even learning about them in the first place?

Our inability to understand the theories does not mean that the theories are false. That would be faulty logic.