Evolution - Fact and Theory

Fact AND Theory?
One of the common misunderstandings that people have with evolution is semantics. There's no error here - Evolution is both a fact and a theory.

The fact that is evolution refers to the phenomenon of evolution - The change in frequency of alleles within a gene pool from one generation to the next, ie; descent with modification. This has been observed both in nature as well as in the laboratories.

The Theory of Evolution seeks to explain the Fact of Evolution. In Science, a theory is a comprehensive framework for describing, explaining and making falsifiable predictions about related sets of phenomena based on rigorous observation, experimentation and logic. Saying "Evolution is just a theory" reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of what science is about.

The Evidence
Evolution is described as the unifying theory in biology. Different scientific disciplines all point to same conclusion: Evolution. Various lines of evidence that include: Genetics, Phylogenetics, Paleontology, Morphology, Embryology, Molecular & Cellular biology etc.

The overwhelming amount of evidence for evolution cannot be described within a single blog entry. I'd suggest visiting the list of playlists that I've compiled: Here.

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Scientific Predictions
As with any scientific theories, the Theory of Evolution is capable of making predictions. One of the most spectacular prediction was the finding of Tiktaalik. Using the theory, researchers predicted the type of features Tiktaalik is expected to have, where it could be found and the age of the rocks it should be found in.

Check out this presentation by Neil Shubin, author of Your Inner Fish (Tiktaalik): Introducing Tiktaalik, Your Inner Fish Part 1 and Part 2.

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Numerous other fossils that were found confirm the predictions made by the theory. For a list of them, see: Evolution is REAL Science #5

Modern Applications
Something that most people don't realize is that the theory of evolution is being used in our daily lives. I've heard ridiculous remarks like: "Gravity is real, it affects me daily. But evolution have nothing to do with me at all...... blah blah, evolution is not true."

The theory of evolution is utilized in the realm of medicine. Certain actions we take with regards to antibiotics is because of our understanding of evolution. Our handling of HIV and genetic diseases has also been enhanced by our understanding of evolution. Heck, the theory is even involved in agriculture and conservation efforts.

I'd recommend browsing through these: How does evolution impact my life?

Overwhelming Arrogance Vs Overwhelming Evidence
People deny the theory of evolution even before getting acquainted with the evidence are morons. It's simply irrational - How does one declare something to be false without even knowing what it is about.

In spite of the evidence, yet without learning about them, we have creationist sheeps and shepherds running around propagating lies about evolution.


All too frequently, atheists and scientists are the ones being slammed with the label "arrogant" for being "know-it-all's." We've seen the evidence, understood the theory and knew of its implications. When we make the claim "God did not create the lifeforms as we know them", it isn't an atheistic assertion. It's a fact - Evolution occurred.

Excuse me. Look in the mirror. Evolution deniers are the ones being arrogant. Who are you to claim that all those scientists who spent years on scientific education and working in their respective fields are wrong? Who are you say the theory is false when you haven't had the littlest clue of what the theory is? Who are you to deny the works of all those scientists when you don't even know the mountains of evidence and literature behind the theory?

That would be the height of intellectual arrogance. This might be simply because of the Skewed views of Science or worst, wilful ignorance with an intent of deceit.