"Gems of Creationism"

I guess I had too high of an opinion of Singapore. Or rather, of Singaporeans.

Our education system focuses much on applications when the subject of Science is taught. Sure, of course, application of our scientific knowledge is important. Very important indeed.

But I find that the appreciation of Science and the scientific method is very poor here in Singapore. I think that is important. Probably more important than the applications. The scientific method can be incorporated into our thinking and enable us to think more logically, more rationally and more critically.

How is that important? Lots of things. Basically anything that requires you think. Thinking critical might as well prevent you from getting conned by con-men. Keep you from falling prey to pseudoscience and superstition. Make astrological columns on newspapers disappear. There's more to it but I'll stop here.

I realized that creationism in Singapore is, well, pretty rampant. The ignorance of evolution here is utterly tragic (oh my, I seem to use this pretty often).

So, the gems of this entry: The "Gems" of Creationism.

"Evolution is flaw to me basically bcos there are too many missing link. Just the forming of an eyeball alone could make all evolution beholder dumbfounded."

Wow, this must be really "new".

Evolution of the Eye:
Creationism disproved? (Frankly, I think this video title sux)
Evolution of the Eye
Dawkins makes the eye

Transitional Forms:
The 9th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism

"They don't understand humans are made in God's likeness, they chose to be the same category as animals using the pathetic (theory of) evolution created by man and yes, they believe they came from apes"

"do you believe man comes from ape?"

"But for apes to evolve into man.... hehe... it's just seems like a joke to me. And after so many years from the beginning of human history, why apes stopped evolving into man?"

Still in denial of human ancestry?

Try these videos:
Evolution is REAL Science #1
Human Ancestry Made Easy

how the animals world would need to have predators and prey to keep the system balance etc.

I'm pretty sure this has already been nicely explained by the theory of evolution. And of course, the arms' race between predator and prey species is, in itself, really interesting.

and earth which is fitted for the humans and animals to live in it.

This is like a puddle of water sitting in a hole after a thunderstorm saying to itself: "Wow, this hole fits me really well. God must have created this hole."

if one day, an atheist were to ask me a question, you got a nice watch, where you got it from. I would answer, one day, suddenly there's a small explosion in front of me and this watch just appear. I believe he would agree with me too.

Oh my, poofing into existence?

That's not evolution.
Neither is it abiogenesis.
That's the creationists' own conjecture: Goddidit. *Poof*

buy a cheap watch I suggest, and place it among Rolex and Omega, chances are it will evolved to become one of them.

So watches have sex and give birth to baby watches who inherit their parents' genetic material?

Apparently not. Duh.

(Theory of) evolution is not proven. If apes can turn into man, why did Ah Meng [This was a famous Orang Utan in Singapore] die still in a form of an ape? It's not just that simple, studying further and you will find evolution(ist) can't support their claims.

THE Gem of the day.

Evolution within one lifetime? Utter and complete ignorance.

Just to recap: Evolution can be precisely defined as any change in the frequency of alleles within a gene pool from one generation to the next.

That means no evolution within your own lifetime. You don't evolve. Your species do.


rebel peasant said...

Where did u get these comments from?

Nox said...

Stomp.com.sg Forums.

I am tempted to rephrase some of them. The English is horrendous.