Why I don't believe

Why I don't believe that there is a god.
The simple answer: No evidence.

Simply put, belief is the acceptance that a proposition is true.
To accept the proposition means to be convinced. And to be convinced, I need evidence.

All too frequently, I'm presented with so-called of evidence
Evidence such as:
The bible, or whatever holy book
The universe
The complexity of life
The morality of humans

I discount all of those. They are not evidence for god.
When the point of contention is whether or not this being exist or not, you cannot enter his alleged products as evidence. If god does not exist, he cannot be the cause of those products. On top of that, there are naturalistic explanations, backed by evidence, for them.

To claim that god exist, evidence of god manifesting is required. In order to determine if something exist or not, we look for its manifestation.

This table, that my computer is sitting on, exist. I can see it. I can touch it. Basically, it's observable. I can perceive its manifestation.

Gravity exist. If I drop my pen, it will fall to the ground. That is the manifestation of gravity.

What about god? We don't have any evidence that god exist. For example, one of god's alleged manifestation is answering prayers. But yet, we find no statistical significance; god isn't answering them - he's doing no better than chance.

My basic stance on belief is this: Belief is not warranted unless sufficient evidence is presented. Since no evidence has been found, the proposition that god exist is not demonstrably true. Belief is not warranted so I hold the default position: disbelief.

Evidence is important for one simple reason; They demonstrate conformity to reality. If you care whether your beliefs are true or not, you must have evidence to back your beliefs. If you just "have faith" and disregard evidence contrary to your beliefs, you don't care about conformity to reality - you believe because you believe because you want to believe.

In the future, I'll touch on the other so-called evidence & arguments for god's existence and explain why I discount them as well.

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