Caught my attention - Videos!

Recently, quite a number of Youtube videos caught my attention. So I thought I'd recommend some of them.


This video titled "Open-mindedness", created by QualiaSoup, is great. It explains the flawed thinking in believers of pseudoscience who accuse others of being "closed-minded." Something that happens all too often.

I highly recommend that you visit his Youtube channel and watch his other educational videos. In particular:
Instruction Manual for Life
Skewed views of Science
The problem with anecdotes

Evolution is REAL Science

standup4REALscience has recently added two new videos to his series: Evolution is REAL Science. The older 3 videos deals with the history and findings leading up to the establishment of the Theory of Evolution. The fifth video in the series is WAY cool - It shows you the transitional forms and explains briefly. Definitely worth watching.

By the way, the players are set to play the playlist. Click here if the player is too small for your preferences.

An Honest Search for the Truth

After I wrote my previous entry "A morally inferior god", I took interest in videos of related topics on Youtube. I found several but this series is the best in my opinion. This series (incomplete) was created by an ex-christian, holysinecure, who left the religion after thinking seriously about the bible. If you're christian and genuinely interested in learning about disagreements to your religion, watch this.

Click here if the player is too small for your preferences.

Here Be Dragons

Watched this awhile ago. This video is a must watch for beginners in critical thinking and skeptic thought. It discusses the pseudoscience and superstitions that plaqued the modern world and how to be wary of them.

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