What would Jesus NOT do?

Hmm...... This video by NonStampCollector got me thinking a bit.

If you're going to convince people that you're the son of god, there's a lot of things you can do. If Jesus was indeed god, he only did a select few miracles. Petty miracles such as turning water into wine and walking on water. Miracles that can only convince people that were around at the time - Not those in the future who "need" "saving" too.

Neither did he overturn his older laws on slavery but you would think that an omniscient god shouldn't need to overturn ANY of his original laws in the first place. His moral instructions wasn't great either - Not even the Sermon on the Mount.

I think I can safely say "I have been immunized against the Christianity meme." There's too much things wrong with it.

Meanwhile, take this "Religion 101 Exam." LOL, try it!